What are Pre-Workouts?

  • Pre-workout supplements have been gaining increasing popularity within the sports-nutrition world over the past few years. Because of this, many new companies are beginning to sprout up and come out with energy products of their own. As a result, the marketing of pre-workout products both online and in stores has increased tenfold. More athletes and bodybuilders are becoming aware that there are products in existence that can increase their energy levels and allow them to train much harder for a lot longer. People are starting to ask questions about pre-workout supplements because they want to know if they should take them or not. Let’s begin to answer these questions by starting off with the most basic one of all…

    Why take a Pre-Workout Supplement?

    A pre-workout supplement can be any type of product that you would consume before you train or workout, that is aimed at altering your body’s natural chemistry in order to improve and  boost your desired results. Pre-workouts usually come in powdered form allowing you to mix them with water in a bottle or a shaker. Some pre-workouts do come already made in a can but are a little more pricier for that reason. Other new types of pre-workouts that are starting to come out allow you to eat them before you train. These products can come in a candy bar or chew tablet like form. You’re best bet is to buy a tub of you’re favorite pre-workout because you tend to get more servings and more bang for your buck.Pre-workouts are aimed at increasing your body’s natural energy, focus, endurance, and strength levels. They give you that much needed boost of energy after a long days work or if your simply stressed and tired, and enable you to hit the weights as if that were the only task you set out to accomplish for that day.

    Pre-workouts also allow you to stay focused on the task at hand rather than lose concentration between sets or get distracted. This effect is usually referred to by most bodybuilders are “tunnel vision”. When on a pre-workout, the user tends to have only one thing on their mind, which is tackling the weights and training as hard as possible. Added endurance is also a key element to the advantages of pre-workout supplements. Whereas normally you would start to feel tired and slow down towards the end of your workouts, pre-workouts force you to stay upbeat and positive the entire time. You almost become eager to get to the next set and see how much you can dominate it instead of dreading the next set because you don’t have the energy to throw up the weight. The last advantage of pre-workouts is added strength. The extra energy and endurance allows you to push out more reps for a longer interval which ultimately leads to your muscles being teared a lot more than they normally would without a pre-workout. This extra tear of the muscles enables you to get stronger than you ever thought possible…

    What Are the Main Ingredients?

    Now that you know what a pre-workout is and why you should heavily consider taking one it is important to know how they work and what is actually in them that’s providing you with all the previously mentioned benefits. Most pre-workouts are very similar to one another and only vary in a few number of ways. They tend to have similar ingredients as a result, with the only thing being different is the amount of each ingredient. The main ingredients that are often found in pre-workouts are…

    1) CaffeineIf you were to take a look at the nutritional info of almost any pre-workout on the market today, the most commonly used ingredient that you would notice is caffeine. This powerful all-natural stimulant is known for increasing both alertness and energy levels for those who consumer it. The amount of caffeine per serving varies from one pre-workout product to the next, so it is important to look at the label and notice how much of it you are consuming on a daily basis. Most pre-workouts have about as much caffeine in them as 1 to 2 cups worth of coffee. If taking a pre-workout with a high caffeine content, it may be wise to consider weening yourself off of your daily coffee since you are already in taking a pretty good amount as is.

    2) L-ArginineWhile caffeine is to be considered the most commonly used ingredient in most pre-workout supplements, L-Arginine would definitely be considered the most important.  This extremely important amino acid is responsible for sending nitric oxide to your muscles. Nitrix oxide is what gives you that “pump” which is so greatly desired by all bodybuilders alike. L-Arginine aids in increasing blood flow to your muscles by opening up your veins and allowing more blood to flow smoothly though. Without L-Arginine, pre-workouts would not have half as good as an effect as they do now.

    3) Beta AlanineBeta Alanine is a very important ingredient found typically in most pre-workouts that are out. This non-essential amino acid enables you to have improved muscular endurance in the gym or while you train. Beta Alanine allows you to increase muscular strength and output while at the same time delay muscular fatigue. What this means for you as a bodybuilder/athlete is that you can now train much harder than you did before and for even longer periods of time. Athlete’s looking to gain endurance as well as strength while training should definitely consider adding a supplement high in Beta-Alanine into their diet.

    4) CreatineThe last ingredient commonly found in pre-workouts is creatine. This substance is found naturally in your body and is perfectly safe to incorporate into your supplement regiment. Creatine acts as a lactid acid buffer. This allows you to squeeze out those extra reps in the gym that you normally would have trouble pushing out because of lactid acid build up. Creatine also aids in stimulating muscle growth. The extra water that creatine cause your cells to hold makes your muscles become super-hydrated and volumized. This enables you to go far above and beyond what you normally would be able to lift during a normal workout routine.

    So Are Pre-Workout Supplements Actually Safe?

    The answer simply put is yes. When used as directed, pre-workout supplements can offer you a safe and convenient way to push your limits further, train harder, and get that body you always wanted. You should always make sure to read the label before purchasing any type of supplement product. Don’t assume that what one pre-workout has in their ingredients another product is going to have in theirs. Every supplement is different! They each use different amounts of ingredients in their formulas and it’s important to be aware of this. Try to look for a pre-workout that does not use fillers, such as sugar, in their product and has all-natural ingredients only. Remember, it is your body and health at stake, you should always know what you are consuming. When used correctly, pre-workout supplements can give you that extra edge so that you can far surpass your fitness goals.

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